Bendrip Drip Tape

Bendrip drip irrigation tape has an expanding flow path that enlarges when you increase water pressure.

With unique expanding vortex labyrinth for clogging protection

Bendrip provides a reliable, cost-effective drip tape solution for all your single and multi-season crops.

Designed with a precision molded channel.

Bendrip has a large cross sectional labyrinth, which creates natural turbulence and produces a continuous and uniform flow rate.

The flow path begins with V-shaped inlets located at the top of the tape. Water enters the tape from two entrances directly into the V. channel.

And from there into a wide passage. Precision molded labyrinth channel with large cross-section ensures continuous and uniform flow.

Bendrip features two anti-clogging mechanisms:

Bendrip vortex flow path

a vortex flow path and an expanding flow channel that enlarges when water pressure is increased.

Bendrip expanding flow channel

This unique expanding flow channel expels foreign particles that could permanently block other drip tapes.

the unique outlet slit ensures high performance and durability by preventing root intrusion.

It is the best way for continuous, uninterrupted operation even in tough conditions.

Bendrip is a commercial drip tape and the best choice for precision irrigation

Bendrip Is No Ordinary Drip Tape

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