Better Germination, Better Uniformity, Less Disease Pressure

Since onions have a shallow root system, frequent irrigation is the best way to achieve high yields and uniform bulbs. This makes drip irrigation a no-brainer for onion growers.

Why choose precision irrigation for onions?

  • Deliver the best quality to your market 
    Maintaining consistent soil moisture with drip irrigation restricts excessive root growth and reduces the risk of bulbs splitting.
  • Don’t waste your fertilizers 
    Onion plants have a shallow, fibrous root system, so fertilizers applied in the beginning of the season end up getting pushed below the root zone by the rain, ultimately making the nutrients unavailable to the crop. Precision fertigation offers consistent nutrition that always reaches the roots and eliminates waste.  
  • Less diseases, more yield 
    When irrigating with drip, water goes directly to the roots, leaving the leaves dry. Lack of leaf moisture significantly reduces foliar diseases such as Downey Mildew or Peronospora, minimizing crop loss and fostering up to 30% higher yields.
  • Efficient phosphorus application 
    Onions need soluble phosphorus to grow, but phosphorus has low mobility within the soil. Therefore, when using precision fertigation, you can apply consistent small doses as close to the active root hairs as possible, boosting phosphorus uptake by the plant.