Precision Irrigation for processing tomatoes

The quality of processing tomatoes is all about Brix – the percentage of solids present in the juice of the tomato. A higher Brix level is important for the quality of the crop and its flavor or sweetness. Many factors influence Brix, but water management is key to attaining high yields and Brix.

Why choose precision irrigation for your tomatoes farm?

Be in charge of your Brix

Precision irrigation means you have the best control of your irrigation regime and can induce water stress as the fruit ripens. This drives sugars to the fruit, resulting in higher Brix levels.

Eliminate moisture stress

Eliminating moisture stress during the flowering and fruit setting stage ensures maximum yield. Drip irrigation is the only method to water the plant root zone frequently, enabling stress-free moisture conditions to be maintained.

Balance vegetative growth and productiveness

It is important to maintain the balance between vegetative growth and productiveness.  Precision irrigation provides both the control and the flexibility to ensure crops receive the exact amount of water and fertilizer they need.