Precision Irrigation Changes The Way Farming Is Done.

Varzab Irrigation is focused on creating sustainable agricultural irrigation systems that help to save water and don’t require environmentally damaging manufacturing methods.

Precision irrigation is the sustainable solution challenging the way farming is done, by utilizing less and impacting less.

Traditionally, farming and agricultural practices require large volumes of resources in order to produce large volumes of crops which can be difficult with limited resources.

Instead, Bendrip work by delivering the precise amount of water and nutrients straight to the roots of each plant.

So you grow bigger, better yields every season – even with fewer resources.

Precision farm irrigation systems leads to precision fertigation.

Bendrip deliver specific, programmable amounts of water and nutrients directly to the roots of each plant in order to achieve better growth and crop development.

Our Bendrip are thrive in areas where resources are more scarce but can be implemented worldwide in an effort to conserve water and other resources to increase sustainability and crop yield.