Meet precision fertigation

Controlling what you give to your field every day and not applying your entire season’s fertilizer in one go has many benefits. It allows you to maximize yields and reduce nutrients costs by providing plants with what they need, when they need it. Not sooner nor later. Using the drip system for nutrients application reduces labor and equipment costs associated with traditional ways of applying nutrients. Lastly, it allows you to manage risks and reduce losses caused by falling crop prices, diseases, or unpredictable weather patterns. 

Nourish your crops from the inside

Fertigation is a game of quantities, nutrient combinations and precise timings. Precision fertigation is the optimal root-zone management tool delivering just the right combination of water and nutrients directly to the roots of each plant, according to your crop development cycles.

Precision fertigation protects your fertilizer investment by letting you tweak dosages on demand, in response to setbacks like market fluctuations and climate changes. And, by keeping doses small and well timed with rain patterns,  it protects you from leaching and groundwater contamination.

So wherever you are, you can use a precision fertigation system to get higher yields, better-quality crops, reduced leaching, reduced volatility  and runoff, and a better return on your fertilizer investment.

Use cases for precision fertigation

Precision fertigation increases crop quality, no matter the crop, climate or region. It’s ideal for:

Managing plant nutrients in tropical climates

If your region gets plenty of rain, water won’t be an issue. But plant nutrition is a different story. Precision fertigation puts you ahead of your competitors by ensuring higher efficiency of your fertilizer usage resulting in higher yields and better returns for your agricultural inputs.

Protected crops

If you’re running a greenhouse, you’re used to controlling every drop of water. But precision fertigation goes further by sending a precise mix of water and nutrients through the same delivery system, in an automated, personalized schedule.

Orchards and field crops

Fertilizers are one of your major inputs. Precision fertigation is a smart way to get better results without increasing your input costs. By delivering nutrients directly to the root zone, it’ll lower your costs, increase your productivity and raise your crop’s profitability.