Change the way you use water

Precision irrigation helps you make better use of the world’s most precious resource, so you can grow higher and better yields every season. Here’s how:

It eliminates run-off and deep precolation.

Precision irrigation delivers water and nutrients straight to the roots of each plant in measured doses that keep the root zone at optimal moisture levels. Not more and not less than what the crop needs. Since there is no excessive application of water, and flow rates are moderate, precision irrigation eliminates surface run-off and deep percolation. Designing precision irrigation systems is done according to the soil’s ability to absorb water and to the plant’s consumption, guaranteeing that water stays in the active root zone and is used by the crop . As a result, you grow higher, better yields than ever before. And you use less water to do it.

It helps you reuse wastewater.

Wastewater doesn’t have to be waste. It can become an asset. But water carrying pathogens isn’t always usable, with flood, pivot and sprinkler systems contaminating your crops too. On the other hand, when you use drip irrigation, water gets delivered straight to the roots of the plant. So your crop never comes in contact with contaminants but every plant still gets precisely the amount of water it needs to thrive. And you turn previously useless water into a massive into a valuable resource.

It reduces evaporation.

Applying water by pivot or other large sprinklers causes an enormous evaporative loss of water. If you are irrigating with one of these systems, 15-30% of your water evaporates during its journey from the emitter to the ground and never reaches your crop’s root zone. But, by applying water with drip irrigation directly to the root zone, water has no chance to evaporate. This guarantees that you use your water optimally and get a return on every drop of water. In essence, this means you can irrigate up to 30% more land with the same amount of water.

It improves your soil conditions

Irrigation systems such as pivot or flood, apply large quantities of water in a short time and create extreme saturation conditions in the soil. This results in bad aeration and creates stressfull conditions for the plants roots that need a balance between water and air. Excessive water also leaches beneficial plant nutrients below the active root zone resulting in less nutrients for your crops and ground water contamination. Precision irrigation helps you irrigate with perfect quantities and timing according to your soil type and crop needs, so the air-water ratio in the soil is perfect and nutrients are kept where they are needed.